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Posted on 2008.01.09 at 11:01
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my yaoi manga collection is growing and now I can start uploading it. finally... Tomorrow I'm gonna fix the first folder so I hope that I can get it up and working this week.. 
my wish came true, Beautiful beautiful beautiful is complete, but not with the ending I wanted, so yes I cried.. :'( I'm such a crybaby and I hate it when it dosen't end the way I want it to! so naturally I'm just gonna deny that end and just pretend that there was a happy ending..!

well, that's it for me, I'm downloading mangas right now, so I'm gonna read them and enjoy them and maybe upload them =)

// Armonda

christmas spirit..hell no!

Posted on 2007.12.23 at 21:36
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so.. I'm one of those who doesn't celebrate christmas, at all..! so for me the 24th means nothing more than closed stores, disgustingly butter dripping, sugar sweet american christmas family movies (is there anything worse?) and two and a half week off from school...

and off course, loads of time to read my favorite gay love manga..! AND peccatore sanctuary is back on track, or they try to, wish them all the best with their projects and their new homepage which they are trying to fix.

some of my favorite mangas been licensed and sometimes that is good. is there anything more annoying than a scanlationgroup that closes down and leaving their projects half finished? or a scanlationgroup who only releases a chapter every 6 months..? I feel very sorry for those groups who couldn't make it through the years or to the top. many people are trying their best to share their love for manga, which genre it may be. but sometimes your best is not enough. and thats when we cry in joy when a dead project is brought back to life again and when it's licensed cause then you know their gonna keep it to the end. well, I only feel safe if the manga is complete in the home country, many mangakas drop their projects or put them on hold. and sometimes a company crashes and everything is delayed..

well, i ended up talking about the bad stuff a manga can go through before it ends up on or screen or in our hands. silver diamond is licensed and it will probably take 5-6 years before they have released it to chapter 28, I think thats when it was licensed. and those thoughts make me feel oh so sad..!

so instead I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy my manga collection and thank all the people who tried their best to bring it to me and the rest of you.

so, happy new year to all of you! and a marry winter filled with manga and yummy food!

my neck hurts

Posted on 2007.12.08 at 13:28
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Current Mood: geekygeeky
Current Manga: the fray
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yes, I fell asleep in a wrong way and now my neck hurts like hell, its allready been three days :( life is not fair.
putting that aside, my manga list is growing and soon I'll share but first I have to get an account at a filesharing site, and no, not sendspace or rapidshare! hate those sites more than I hate to clean my bathroom.  but I alsow have to check wich mangas I can share, I have some that I cant share outside yshare and other sites, and I don't wanna makie the scanlator mad at me. so after christmas maybe?

today I have to clean my apartment wich is as fun as staring at a scale, no matter how long you stare it wont change if you dont get your as out of the sofa.. 

now I'm gonna take a smoke and gather some strength so i can clean up the mess, 
love Armonda

some say love..

Posted on 2007.12.06 at 19:41
so, after 9 days of vomiting and feeling like shit I'm finally starting to feel like a human again, hurray!
right now I'm reading komatta toki ni wa hoshi ni kike, or rather I'm looking at the RAW pictures caus I can't stand to wait any longer for ch2 vol9. peccatore sanctuary seem to be disbanned they have not released anytyhing for over 6 months :(

other than that I'm re-reading west end, I love it, but it is kinda horrible, not for the pink-cloud-lovey-dovey yaoi fan. 

my wish list of yaoi manga right now is-

Tyrant who fell in love vol 3 scanlated
Crimson spell vol 3-4 scanlated
Junjo romantica vol5 scanlated
Beautiful beautiful beautiful ch 4 scanlated

so, mangakas and scanlation groups, hear my pray! and make my christmas great

love armonda

friends and their boyfriends

Posted on 2007.11.05 at 18:50
Current Music: my sofa
Current Mood: crankycranky
Current Manga: mixed, cat stevens
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friends .. sometimes I just can't understand why they always fall for assholes. men and their dicks, what is it whit men that makes them such pigs? why can't they be like the guys in my wonderful yaoi mangas? answer- their not gay, and they are not drawn on paper..
one of my friends got dumped today by her boyfriend/sex friend -how? he sent her a text message! okay if you break of with a phone call, but a text message?

all of her boyfriends have turn out to be spineless men with balls like pees(you know green vegetables who can taste like shit). and brains like a chicken. and the only thing they have in common is that they are MEN. 

not ages, interests, citys or even sexuall preferences. they have nothing that connects them so how come they are such idiots?

if I were a guy I would sooo turn gay. caus the fact is that guys are hot. the problem is that they are men. so how do I get a guys body and a girls mentality? my friend said that she would want a girl who made a sex change, and I have to agree. that's probably the best way to avoid the men-asshole trap. 

I told her to turn lesbian, but the realy annoying thing is that sure I can sleep with a girl, but I want a realationship with a guy..yeah it sucks. BIG TIME.

so to cheer my self up I dive in to my world of yaoi. a very hot tip is to read Waru. search at www.mangaupdates.com or community.livejournal.com/free_manga

I think that it will make you smile, and if you are in reeeeeeeeeeeeealy deep shit- read Junjo romantica, the funniest yaoi manga there is! 

love ya, :)